X Factor Explained (by a throat pastille and its maker)

You can’t deny X Factor continues to divide the troops. In one corner, diehard fans who live for it, in the other, those who, well, those who don’t. In this blog we are going to address the raging war once and for all and explain in four points why we still think the X Factor is the best thing since the Wispa Gold.

The new judges

Say what you like, and I’ve no doubt you will, the new judges certainly brought the fire with them. Whether it’s Kelly becoming so sassy she can no longer form real words (“mm hmm mama, boo boo dannng”), Tulisa advertising her perfume on her arm every weekend (allegedly) or the whole lot of them fighting like naughty boys and girls (see here for further information), nobody can doubt 2011 was truly the year of the judges.

The controversy

Okay, so maybe the hype around Frankie leaving was perhaps over done and bully-gate was sensationalised, but in our memories no X Factor series has fed the tabloid press so well. Here at Vocalzone we realise the stories are neither important nor fully genuine, but guess what, we LOVE it.

The talent

The main attack leveled at the X Factor is that it is attacking the music industry and halts the progress of real talent. We say differently. Of course by its nature it creates pop stars and not indie/metal/grime/rock/hip hop stars, but we think that’s okay. NME will never approve and the big boys with guitars will look down on it all, but until they can cackle like Misha or swing their hips like Marcus we know what we’ll be watching on a Saturday.

The opportunity to imagine

The most important point is simple, watching the X Factor makes us immediately want to be on stage. None of us Vocalzoners are really what you’d call naturally talented where singing is involved yet in our heads we all know how our audition would go (song choices include Womanizer, 99 Problems and It’s All Coming Back To Me Now; we’re nothing if not diverse). We all know our look, our sound, who our mentor is and we have all practiced our X Factor time when alone in our houses. We would place a bet that 90% of X Factor fans have done this; to you 10% who haven’t, do it (your bed is your stage, your brush is your microphone, your imagination is your only boundary, GO).

So there you have it, our favourite things about the X. It’s harmless, it’s amusing and viewed ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek it’s the highlight of our TV guide. Have your say and tell us what you think on Twitter, Facebook  and leave a comment below.

Stay Vocal

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One Response to X Factor Explained (by a throat pastille and its maker)

  1. TJ says:

    I for one will miss Janet’s grumpy face.

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