Bring Back the Christmas Single: A Message to Pop Stars the Land Over

Whatever happened to the Christmas song? That has been debated for the past few years (since the birth of the inescapable X Factor Christmas number one I suppose). From Slade to Mariah, love them or hate them, every December the old ones seem to return to the charts while current pop stars neglect the art of the Christmas song. Even the power of Bieber, who this year released a Christmas album, was unable to take a new Christmas track to the top of the charts. The unanswerable questions is risen again, if Bieber can’t, who can?

What about Coldplay. In 2010 they released Christmas Lights, surely if anyone can resurrect the genre it’s the unstoppable force of Coldplay? Nope, they got to number 13 (which is not to be sniffed at but isn’t a number one let’s be honest).

The Feeling, Status Quo, The Manic Street Preachers; so many have tried to resurrect the Christmas song, none have managed. So we had an idea. We were brainstorming; which current pop star can create a hit like Delia can create a crumble? Someone sexy, light-hearted, fiery. Britney? Too busy planning weddings. Justin Timberlake? Too busy making romantic comedies. Bono? Too important for us to bother.

Here is our plea, after much thought we have decided the challenge falls to Rihanna. Use that sex appeal you use so well and give us a HO HO Holiday. A Sexy Sledging Season. Why can S&M not be Santa and Mary? Go simple and knock it out the park. With your help we can make 2012 the year of the Christmas song rebirth. Now that is something to look forward to.


One week to go, enjoy the build up, stay vocal

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