Happy New Year

Happy new year Vocalzoners. What a fantastic night to finish a brilliant 2011. We hope everyone had a fantastic night whatever you got up to (fried egg sandwich and strawberry flavoured water cures all).

We haven’t all that much to say, full blog when we return from the festive time and start doing some work, but we did think we’d share with you the four things we are most excited about for 2012.

Music is going to divide but STEPS ARE GOING ON TOUR. Forgive me please, this author was about ten when they were about so it’s a nostalgia thing. Throw some pre-decided shapes and sing along to some of the worst/best pop songs of all time.

Theatre is going to be a big part of our 2012 but we’re most excited about the World Shakespeare Festival. The whole world is producing new theatre around one of the most celebrated British playwrights of all time, what’s not to love.

Surely the Olmypics needs a mention. We have various tickets between us and are very excited by the whole thing.

Finally, it’s US! We have big plans for 2012, stay tuned people.

Have brilliant new years day everyone, come back in a few days for a less hungover entry (not that we drink, very irresponsible, drink sensibly etc etc).

Stay Vocal



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