The Urban Music Scene – my kind of place.

The first working Monday morning has passed and how many of you have already broken your new year resolutions? If you have you can join my club and I am sure a lot of other people’s clubs out there.  Try not to worry.

I came across this article in The Guardian the other day.  It discusses if their is any discrimination against the urban music scene through the use of form 696 and how police are more likely to shut them down due to an artists ethnicity.  It got me thinking to the extent in which this is fair or whether it is right for police to ask it even if statistics prove it so.

I am a Vocalzoner who loves urban music and have attended a lot of safe and not so safe venues in search of my favourite underground artists.  I can honestly say I personally have never witnessed anything I have not seen at a more mainstream gig in Wembley or any other club or venues.  To me they are all the same, the music is different and does suggest a different mood however, the energy created all goes to the same place, the artist on stage.

I strongly believe no matter what you are listening to, where you are, it is always individuals that are the problem, never the crowd.  In my opinion, any gig where less risk assessment is done and there are therefore fewer rules seems to go more smoothly.  The bouncers are more relaxed as they are not having to tell people off every 5 minutes for something as silly as dancing on a chair to your favourite song (may have had experience with this one!), people aren’t getting angry for being told off all the time, and all in all there is a better atmosphere.

A really great example of an urban music event was the Radio 1xtra Soundclash.  I was lucky enough to be given a ticket in early 2011.  No bouncers, plenty of drink (bonus), stars walking past you all the time.  Not one problem.  There was enough space for everyone to see, great example, and it featured a lot of underground artists.  So you could argue that the tickets were given out randomly and therefore not a fair representation of a typical crowd, however I don’t think so, in my opinion it is, they are fans.

This weekend I will be travelling to the big smoke for an event that has not happened in a very long time; Eskimo Dance.  Now, this is one of the biggest grime nights that ever was and it is back.  The Godfather of Grime Wiley is putting grime back on the map with what is set to be one of the biggest nights in 2012.

As you can imagine I am super excited, not only for the amount of artists that are going to be performing but also due to the fact yours truly has VIP tickets. Yes Yes I know, the majority of you reading this might not care too much for the genre, however take notice because 2012 is going to be one massive step in the right direction for Grime.

Back to my original point, the reason it stopped?

‘I should’ve brought it back ages ago. It should never have stopped, really, but the police stopped it. They weren’t sure dodgy stuff wasn’t gonna go on.’ Wiley expclaimed in a recent interview for Time Out.

Check back next week for a full report on the night, and hopefully some pictures of me with my favourite guys!  So if you are stuck wondering what you are going to do on Saturday 14th January I strongly suggest Proud2, o2 Arena, South London.

Read the article, let us know what you think.  We have had a long discussion here at Vocalzone HQ and need your thoughts.

Stay Vocal

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2 Responses to The Urban Music Scene – my kind of place.

  1. Alex Judd says:

    I remember the 1Xtra Soundclash! Oh wait, no I don’t…

  2. nicolesmyth says:

    I totally agree with the fact that this is going to be Grimes year to shine. Back to the original subject, yes the authorities have a problem with the “Urban” Music seen. My opinion is the police, MP’s ect fear anything they believe will will empower individuals, especially those from minority backgrounds. Unfortunate but true!! On a positive note, you cant keep a good thing “Underground” so everyone who is part of the seen keep up the good work!!!!

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