From Adele to Lady Gaga, How Pop is Dominating UK Music

Last week The Official Charts Company UK put out the news that for the first time in seven years pop albums outsold rock in 2011. Of course, with the monster success of Adele’s 21 that may not come as too much of a surprise, but actually, Adele aside, only two guitar driven bands made the top 20 albums list (and one of those was Coldplay with their poppiest offerings to date).

What this means for the UK music scene is an interesting debate. The recent Brit Award nominations seem to show, in terms of credibility at the very least, the music industry still values indie/rock, yet sales are saying the public don’t always agree. Sales are leaning to pop and trends are leaning towards a more urban sound, is the guitar history?

Here is our take on the matter. Music moves in fads, always has, always will. What always lives out is talent. The legends of music produce fantastic, diverse music. The recent tragic death of Etta James shows us that. From MJ to Madonna to The Rolling Stones to The Beatles, no genre has exclusive rights over success or credibility. Pop will always have a harder time in being taken seriously, but when it’s good you just can’t deny.

We have a diverse range of tastes in this office, in fact when we considered it we realised it is about as diverse as it gets (rock, indie, grime, jungle, pop, electro, musicals, dub step) and really that’s the point of music, enjoy what you like and listen away. This writer is a giant Madonna fan, if you don’t like her, don’t listen. I really think it’s that simple.

So we’re excited to see what albums are going to explode in 2012, we have a good feeling about music this year (Azealia Banks, Emeli Sande, Madonna, Leonard Cohen) so watch this space.

Stay vocal

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