Welcome to the Vocalzone

So here we are, Vocalzone living it large in the blogosphere.  Yes we’re a throat pastille but man, we are so much more.

We are the secret ingrediant in over a billion record sales (literally, talk to Tom Jones, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Bette Middler, need I go on?).

Here we plan to keep you all updated on our goings on and our views on the issues of the world.  OK so it’s going to be more TV and music than hard politics, but that’s just our way!

In brief, we are an international business ran by father, daughter and son George (the main man in Vocalzone) in sunny Dorset, UK.  Our history is great (take a look here).

Check back soon for a more, erm topical post!  Comment, share and most importantly enjoy.  Don’t forget to like our Facebook, follow us on Twitter and watch the website for all the latest news.

Stay vocal!

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Christmas in Wales

What happens when you put quite a few ‘stars’ in one room in Wales?   A lot of singing and drinking takes place, and a few memories you would rather forget are created.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough, I guess you can call it that, to take a weekend break to Wales.  My famous friends and I descended on a recording studio to recreate a classic, a song that has touched each member of this country since 1971.  A song that has brought smiles to adults and children’s faces alike.  OK so I might be slightly exaggerating here but I am not going to lie, it’s one of my ultimate Christmas classics… SLADE.

Like walking through the doors at the back of the stage in ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ as soon as we crossed the boarder into Wales I was transformed into my alter ego, the great and mighty Axel Rose (just in case you didn’t get it from the picture!).  We spent all weekend perfecting ‘Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday…’.  The results… well take a look for yourselves, remember BE NICE!!!

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